VIP Club: how to apply for the monthly free private session giveaway

Brent here…

Did you know that one of the features of your VIP Club membership is the VIP Club private sessions I give away?

You can find the date and time for the next upcoming free VIP Club private session on your VIP Club Home Page, as well as the link to the recording of the most recently recorded private session.

Only SILVER and GOLD members are eligible to win the private sessions with me, but all VIP Club members and levels are invited to listen, learn, and even follow along to get even more healing and clearing for yourself.

Here’s how it works:

We generally send all VIP Club members an email notification about a week before each call.

For SILVER and GOLD MEMBERS, you can use the link in the email to fill out a (very short!) application to win the free private session with me…so you’ll want to fill it out!

The free session goes to the most senior VIP Club member since they last won a free session, with priority going to GOLD members over SILVER members.

I will reach out to the winner and runner-up via a personal email, usually a few days before the session. If the winner does not show up, the session goes to the runner-up.

All levels of the VIP Club are encouraged and welcome to join us on the call; you can listen, learn, follow along, receive the healings and clearings, and ask questions.

Yes, that’s right, I will send ALL the healings and block clearings to everyone on the call, not just the person I’m working with…so you can still get a ton of healing even if you are not the winner, and even if you listen to the recording later. 😊

Not a bad perk, eh?

Looking forward to working with you soon in the VIP Club!

– Brent Michael Phillips & the Awakening Dynamics Staff