VIP Club: how to access your VIP Club Masterclasses

It’s me again…

Today I want to make sure it’s easy for you to access your VIP Club Masterclasses.

One of the most valuable resources you get as a VIP Club member is access to the vast “deep learning” archive of Masterclasses that I’ve spent many years to research and create for you.

In short, each Masterclass is intended as a “Cliff’s Notes” on the most important things you need to know to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges so you can achieve your goals!

To get started, go ahead and log the VIP Club:

From there, click on the “VIP MASTERCLASS LIBRARY” button on the right side menu.

The VIP Club Masterclasses screen should look something like this:

We’ve got a Masterclass on just about every important life challenge; a few examples of these Masterclasses include:

“Overcoming Anger”

“Transcending Fear”

“Emotional Eating”

“Confidence 101”

“Trauma Clearing”

…and there are many many more; in fact, there are several dozens of VIP Club Masterclasses in total!

Each Masterclass consists of a number of individual lessons. Most of the Masterclasses contain 7 lessons; there are some have fewer, and others have more (including some special double events that up to 14 lessons.)

Each lesson contains a short high definition video training (usually ~10), as well as a PDF article (usually ~3 pages).

The lessons are designed in “bite-sized” chunks that you can easily consume in one sitting and start applying to your life immediately!

At this point in my journey, I’ve read thousands of books and spent many years a small fortune attending hundreds and hundreds of seminars, workshops, intensives, retreats, and sessions to sort through all the self-improvement/spiritual fluff and nonsense and identify the truly inspired, life-changing “gems”.

I’ve taken these gems – only the most powerful, most transformative content, lessons, and techniques – and condensed them into these Masterclasses.

Each Masterclass focuses on a specific topic, and there are some number of lessons comprised of an article, a video, and sometimes extra bonus materials such as encoded block clearing audios.

It is recommended that you both watch the video and read the article for each lesson, ideally a few days apart, as research has shown the consuming the information via different formats will help you learn it more quickly and maximize your retention.

IMPORTANT: If you upgrade your VIP Club membership, you will always retain full access to all the content you’ve unlocked. However, if you cancel or downgrade your VIP Club membership, you will lose access to all the lessons you have unlocked. Even if you reactivate your membership later, you will have to start from the beginning to unlock these lessons again.

The rate at which you unlock the Masterclasses depends on your membership level in the VIP Club:

BRONZE members unlock one Masterclass lesson every other week.

SILVER members unlock one Masterclass lesson per week.

GOLD members immediately unlock ALL the lessons from the whole library of Masterclass!

You should get an email notification every time you unlock a new lesson (except for GOLD members with instant access to everything.) If your email filter blocks these messages, you can always access your Masterclasses by logging into the VIP Club…and please add “” to your email contacts so our messages will always get through to you. 🙂

I think you’re going to love the Masterclasses…I know they can help to transform your life! 😊

– Brent Michael Phillips & the Awakening Dynamics Staff